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The Automaker’s 2019 Profits Were Essentially Wiped Out



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There are 314 million Denaryum minted in total.



There are 314 million Denaryum minted in total.

Until now it has sold 280 million units in five different blockchains all over the world with the mutual blocking method.
25 million remains under the company lock for price balance. This means around 9 million are still for sale.

Denaryum operates in 15 countries, 5 continents, and managed from the central office in London.

Research and development center with over 200 software developers is located in Kuwait, where Gulf countries’ capital also flows. Its core team has managed various asset funds for years.

By establishing localized exchanges connected to a single-center all over the world, each user can make easy and cost-free transactions in their national currency.

Capital Editor Dr. Khan in his article on the spot

For over a year we hear about Denaryum. Now we will answer the question you wondered by visiting its business center.

The project was first presented as a feasibility study to the investment consultancy firm in London in 2017.

In 2018, it starts with the initiatives of the Gulf capital and consulting firm. In the usual course of life, the crypto asset market will accelerate the transition of the traditional understanding of trade to the digital era. Keeping this in mind it also continues to progress rapidly for the integration of today’s habits to the new generation.

Denaryum’s mission is based on these facts. To have a considerable place in the sector, that is still in its infancy, it has produced various algorithms within its structure and presented it to the needs of the users. As a result, it has mobilized all means to produce instruments in this direction.

What attracts our attention the most is that the core staff of the project consists of experts who have given their years on commodities and stocks.

Now, let’s try to answer the questions; What is Denaryum, what does it want to do?

First of all, the basket algorithm they use to prevent manipulative movements for price formation consists of gold, silver, crude oil, and Brent oil. The mechanism, which operates at certain
rates with instant trading prices of these four commodities in the world stock exchanges act as a breakwater against the high volatility that may occur in pricing. If we describe the pricing
with an example, the approximate values for the day are like this:

Gold: 57.6
Silver: 18
Coil: 39.6
Boil: 42

The instantaneous average of these prices is 39.3 USD and the unit price is formed as a result of dividing this number from 1/10 to 1/1 by completing a certain number of blocks with the working
the algorithm, respectively.

Even though the price was suppressed by 1/10 with this algorithm, this means a gradual upward trend instead of creating a market with a very high price. Of course, these price growths mean a
buying opportunity for both the existing Denaryum users and for new acquaintances.

Secondly, about exchanges. In the first phase, they partnered with local companies in 5 continents and 15 countries and started to work by serving the users in local currencies.
This way users can easily reach Denaryum. Now we can see that they succeeded in the USA – MALAYSIA – INDONESIA – TURKEY – LONDON to a certain extent.
In this way, they will certainly exhibit more effective service to the users by bringing innovation to the understanding of transactions that we have become familiar with in existing trading platforms. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to trade without a trading fee or to be awarded for your transactions?

Thirdly, the Denaryum Card, the infrastructure of which is getting ready. It is like being able to use your coins in your exchange account without the need for a transaction,
wherever credit cards accepted, without the need for a bank account.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth. I won’t write them anymore, because I was asked not to write. So it won’t be an “inspiration” to others.

I will be looking forward to hearing more about DENARYUM, the shining star of the crypto world.

For details and

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