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Nomads Loom is a fourth generation business, our background being Armenians from Anatolia, trading and passion for fine rugs is in our blood. Grandfather Haygaz as a youngster learned under the tutelage of world renowned master creator of silk rugs, Zareh Penyamin. Zareh silk rugs are the most precious silk rugs of the 20th century. One of grandfather Haygaz’s greatest achievements is completing a half woven Zareh masterpiece posthumously to Zareh’s death. In Haygaz’ prime he helped usher in a golden era for fine Hereke silk rug production as the preeminent heir and maestro to some of the finest rugs in the world. With that legacy and tradition we try to honor our past and set our vision towards the future, please enjoy our family’s collections.


    We buy, trade, and sell antique rugs. Please send us your images and or requests. Change of space or design you’ll have full trade in credit on any antique rug in the future minus any devaluation from wear or damage.


    What is the magic carpet worth? We can organize professional documentation. Ideal for insurance companies and or for family heirlooms.


    We recommend the design advice to our trusted network of designer friends. As far as appreciation for the woven art, we would be happy to start the dialogue.


    An almost necessary thing with antique or new rug owner’s, we can take care of it in-house or bigger jobs to professionals overseas. Proactive approach is best for long term preservation.


    Professionally handled with great product knowledge. Proper care and attention is given to each rug without cutting corners.

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Rug Store Directory



Rug Store Directory

Looking for a rug or carpet? Maybe kilim. Rug stores are everywhere, but who sells the right and top quality rugs? It should be of good quality and of course cheap. We help you with this, to find the right rug store.

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Make the right choice among thousands of rug stores

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Oriental Rugs



Oriental rugs are the collective name of carpets from various countries of Central Asia and the Middle East.

Being infinitely beautiful, useful and amazing works of art, carpets are magnets for dust, dirt, odors, and germs. Rugs must be cleaned from time to time. Natural oriental hand-made carpets made of silk or wool require special care and professionalism in cleaning. Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Dallas – Fort Worth area knows the properties of the materials from which the carpets are made and how to clean them properly. Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning has been in the business of caring for your antique rugs, tapestries, Aubussons, Savonneries, and needlepoints for the past 30 years in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

We try to provide the highest quality services and save you from unnecessary trouble by our oriental rug cleaning services and oriental rug repair. Our carpet master will thoroughly inspect your carpet for stains or lint integrity and will repair it if necessary before cleaning the carpet.

Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Dallas is a great choice for real cleanliness that lasts longer.

Before using the detergent, the master will check for the stability of the carpet pile dyes.

We have standardized the rug cleaning process and are trying to improve it. Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company Dallas uses only products that do not harm your carpets and are safe for people and pets in your home, plus our products are environmentally friendly. We provide cleanliness that restores the bright colors of carpets and protects them from future pollution.

We coordinate the date and time with our client and organize oriental rug cleaning right in your home. A carpet master will inspect your carpet for stains and damage, determine the exact cost of cleaning, and will arrange oriental rug repair service if necessary.

Armen Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Dallas offers 100% quality service without any hassle and worries. We are confident in the quality of our oriental rug cleaning and oriental rug repair services.

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